Current Initiatives

Red Angus Trails

Red Angus Trails," the RAFI 12' x 12' coffee table photo book debuted at the Red Angus Foundation Inc. (RAFI) fundraiser dinner on Wednesday, Oct. 31, in Reno, Nev. The 96-page book is an accumulation of photos from Red Angus stakeholders across the nation, highlighting the various 'trails' of terrain, seasons and lifestyles of those who make Red Angus part of their life. The book is available for sale for $75.

Proceeds from the book sale will benefit RAFI.

To order a copy of Red Angus Trails, use this order form. If you have questions, please contact (940) 387-3502.

Red Angus Trails

Take a sneak peak at the book here.

6 for 60

Ongoing Initiatives

Become part of Red Angus History. GET BRANDED! The Red Angus Association of America's National Office Board room has a wood wall comprised of Red Angus breeders' brands. Your brand could be next, contact to have your brand displayed in the RAAA Board room.

Eye Level Brand: $350 | Upper/Lower Brand: $200