Planned Giving

A "planned gift" is a major gift, given in life-long form or in death, that is a part of financial or estate planning.

Visiting with your financial advisor or attorney will help you decide the best path to follow when making a decision on planned giving to benefit the Foundation and the donor.

Will/Living trust—Include a bequest provision in your will or revocable trust. You control the property funding the bequest during your lifetime. At your death RAFI receives the bequest you specified.

Securities—May be a part of the planned giving process depending on the donors wishes and financial objectives. A popular benefit of such a gift beyond the charitable income tax deduction is the avoidance of capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Real Estate/Real Property—Real Estate and Real Property may be donated to RAFI. Items include farm/ranch, vacation homes, cash, art, copyrights, antiques, stock, jewelry or any item that has a determined value.

Thank you for considering donating to the Red Angus Foundation, Inc. If you would like to be contacted by a representative of RAFI on ways you can contribute, please email