Sal Forbes Research and Development Fund

The “Sal Forbes” Research and Development Fund is a restricted fund; donations to which are designated to fulfill Red Angus Breed Improvement initiatives and related Research & Development. Named for RAAA’s first Executive Secretary and founding member, Sal Forbes, this fund grew out of donations to have Sal honored as both the first Red Angus breeder and first woman in the livestock industry to have their portrait hung in the Saddle and Sirloin Club.

Items funded by the Sal Forbes Research and Development Fund may include:

  •      • Projects recommended by the RAAA Breed        Improvement Committee
  •      • Research Grants, related to Animal        Selection/Breeding, Genomics, or Data Management
  •      • Data Collection to support development of livestock        selection tools
  •      • Research assistant positions or Internships in Animal        Breeding, or related fields